About fujimi-tea

What means "fujimi-tea"?

In May 2008, I went to the fuji viewing festival in Kameido, Tôkyô. The Kameido shrine is famous for turtles and especially for the beautiful wisteria (fuji).
ふじみ - fujimi has several meanings:
☆ 藤見 fuji-mi - wisteria viewing (the counterpart of 花見 hanami which means cherry blossom viewing)
☆不死身 fujimi - means immortal or invulnerable.

I like both meanings, so please choose the one you think it's adequate. :D 

The Kameido shrine sells also tea called wisteria tea during the fuji viewing festival, so I decided to go for "fujimi-tea" for this blog. The header picture shows some wisteria blossoms at those shrine in Tôkyô.

About the person behind fujimi-tea

Place of Birth: Graz, Austria
Place of Living: Kawasaki, Japan
☆ Japanese Studies Division of University of Vienna, Austria. (2004-2010)
☆ Japanese Literature Studies at Meiji University (2007-2008).
☆ German
☆ Japanese
☆ English

☆ Writing for WANDERING BOOKS - Tokyo Metropolitan University Culture & Social Studies Unofficial Review Page as Reviewer No. XV (Japanese only)

Please enjoy the adventures of fujimi-tea! (^▽^)V